Anett Tamm (1997) is a singer, improviser and composer who works in projects with diverse sounds and artistic ambitions. Anett’s main projects include the indie-jazz duo TamTam with bass player Karl Tammaru, the alternative folk-pop solo project Alonette, the art-pop band Alfa Collective and the contemporary and improvisational jazz ensembles Anemoon and Kvartnett.

As a vocalist, Anett performs in the avant-garde ensemble IHA, led by Raimond Mägi, and in the alt-jazz group The Nonconceptual Art Club. Anett has been collaborating with the French trio David Chevallier Trio since 2021 and performed in several special projects including Kirke Karja’s “Sireenid” and “Valter Ojakäär 100” tribute concerts. With her various ensembles, she has performed at festivals and venues in Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland and Germany.

In the spring of 2022, Anett was awarded the Estonian Jazz Awards Young Jazz Talent prize. Anett holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Music cum laude in jazz and improvised music from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and has also studied at the Academy of Music in Cologne.