Photo: Mari Makarov

Alonette is the indie and folk-pop solo project of Anett Tamm. Alonette emerges as a contemporary storyteller, navigating her big feelings and whimsical fantasies through songs. Her music straddles the line between a nostalgic nod to the 70s and a yearning for a touch of modern experimentation, resulting in a unique and sentimental sound. With her bold melodies and vibrant orchestrations, Alonette strikes a delicate balance between simplicity and complexity. Drawing inspiration from legends such as Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan and The Carpenters, Alonette skillfully incorporates these influences into her music, infusing it with immense joy, a touch of cheekiness and a playful spark in her eye.

The adventurous single “Twist of Fate” was released in January 2024 and Alonette’s debut album is to be released in late 2024.