Alfa Collective

Alfa Collective is:

Anett Tamm – vocals, keyboards, guitar

Taaniel Pogga – keyboards

Johannes Laas – guitar

Robert Rebane – bass

Martin Petermann – drums

Alfa Collective is an art pop band active since 2017. The band’s leader Anett Tamm is a young singer-songwriter whose sound is diverse, ranging from progressive rock to contemporary improvisation. Alfa Collective started searching for a common sound language while recording their debut album “Canvas” (2018). Today, the group has moved on to more experimental paths, mixing genres more boldly than before and combining jazz music with electronically produced elements. Influences ranging from electro-jazz to indie pop are combined into a cosmic whole on the EP “Hello Egg”, released in March 2022. The band’s music is spiced with fairy-like vocals, playful melodies, harmonic richness, improvisational tenderness and a fiery passion for rhythmic challenges.

Alfa Collective has performed at festivals in Estonia and abroad, including Jazzkaar, Tallinn Music Week, Mägede Hääl, Juu Jääb, Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, Pula Jazz Festival and NOVUS Music Incubator.