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David Chevallier Trio & Anett Tamm


Anett Tamm (voice, lyrics)
David Chevallier (guitar, laptop & effects, compositions)
Sébastien Boisseau (double bass, effects)
Christophe Lavergne (drums, effects)

“To limit the limitless limits,
I exile myself to a place
Where I am but a grain of sand
Hiding in the curve of this world.”

“Borders” brings the collaboration of Estonian and French musicians to the stage in Autumn/Winter 2024 as part of a tour in France, Finland, Estonia and Latvia. The central theme of this new work by French composer and guitarist David Chevallier, set to lyrics by Estonian singer Anett Tamm, is the border – a place where one can move from one universe to another, from one culture to another, where one can face the unknown or confront oneself. The meaning of the border changes depending on whether you are a tourist, an intruder or an immigrant. “Borders” opens up the border as a multilayered physical and cognitive concept through different perspectives: exile, discovery, migration, encounter, experimentation, friction…

Collaboration: David Chevallier Trio & Anett Tamm “The Ophelia Songbook”

In 2021 David Chevallier Trio invited Anett to tour the programme “The Ophelia Songbook” (written by Kyrie Kristmanson and David Chevallier) in Estonia.


Raimond Mägi – compositions, electronics, bass guitar & double bass

Kirke Karja – piano, electronics

Karl-Juhan Laanesaar – drums

Jana Kütt – voice

Anett Tamm – voice


Anett Tamm – vocals, music, lyrics

Lauri Täht – music, production

Taavet Niller – music, double bass

produced by Anett